Work With Me

I often get asked to make content by men on Twitter or in ManyVids DM. Usually they’re men who seem to want to fuck me, and make money from doing it, by leeching off my established customer base and content production standards. People trying to use me like that bothers me. So, before approaching me to ask if we can film together, ask yourself the following question. What can you offer me, that I don’t already have in my content?

This Includes:

• Ability to make my production quality SIGNIFICANTLY better (it’s all already in 4K, and I’m VERY happy with it, so good luck.)
• If you are a white male, I am basically not interested in fucking you on film unless you show your face in content, are reasonably good looking, and already have decent content uploaded where I can see how well you perform in clips.
• You are a sub who is relatively local (Northern England), can travel, can do as you’re told, and are happy to film in the areas I specialise in.
• You have a BBC :).
• You are a woman who is happy with the fact that, whilst I am attracted to women, I am not particularly attracted to vulvas/vaginas. Therefore I would be interested in filming with women who wanted to do double domme, strap-on play, or maybe using toys on each other.
• You MUST be able to work around my VERY inflexible schedule. If you are can’t be flexible, then it won’t work.

Things I Don’t Want:

• To film with men who do not show their face. I have enough stunt cocks! May make an exception if you have a BBC ;).
• Photographer or Videographer. I have a photographer, and I film with a tripod and I’m happy with it.